Trung Minh  Tran

Trung Minh


Chief Product Officer


Trung Minh Tran is a customer-, solution- and results-oriented leader with primary expertise in strategy, innovation, new business models, business development, relationship building, customer focus, digital transformation, commercial mindset, change management and product management. He is a skilled communicator and has the ability to present to top executives, business and other stakeholders in a brilliant way. In addition, his strength is to drive organizational changes through innovation and deliver both short-term and long-term results for the company and shareholders by having a clear vision, motivating and inspiring people. Trung is very focused on setting a clear direction and identifying the commercial benefits of innovation and a better customer experience. Among other things, he has extensive experience with incremental and radical innovation that is in line with the business strategy and the KPI / OKR. He has used methodologies such as Lean Startup, Google Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Agile, Safe, DevOps for such purposes, and this has resulted in both organizational changes, process changes and technology changes, where Trung was responsible for leading and implementing. His passion has been strategy, building a "digital mindset" in the organization and experimenting with ideas that will generate new business models and new revenues, as well as digitize and streamline core processes. With focus on business models such as platform, open banking, data commercialization, strategic partnership and what role you should play in an ecosystem. He has also explored ideas and concepts that will create new business models and revenues by embracing new ways of working and new technology such as AI, Blockchain, Biometrics and more .