Dhruv  Ghulati



Head of Applied AI

Uber (ex-Onfido & Factmata)

Dhruv Ghulati is a leading entrepreneur and leader in artificial intelligence. In 2016, he built and launched one of the first companies in the world tackling online misinformation and disinformation using natural language processing, Factmata. He raised over $5m in funding from Mark Cuban, and the founders of Craigslist, Twitter, Brightmail, and Mulesoft. Factmata was sold to Cision in 2022, one of the leading media monitoring technology companies in the world. For the next 2 years, he drove the artificial intelligence fraud team at Onfido, focusing on building systems to detect document counterfeits and forgeries for the purposes of identity verification. Onfido’s clients included Revolut, bunq, Barclays and many more. He reduced the false acceptance and false rejection rates of the system by over 95% across the US and Europe. Today, Dhruv runs the applied AI product team at Uber, building a variety of AI applications including driver verification systems, earnings prediction models, airport supply prediction systems, shopping intelligence pipelines and much more. His expertise is in the intersection of AI and the detection of harmful content and bad actors going through open and closed network