Indo: Unleashing the Power of Simplicity

indo is a new place for your money. They are not one of the old banks but a savings bank and they intend to be better than the banks. They don't make us wide or bulky. indo is small, green, and loves to keep things simple.

That's their service and it's free of nonsense. Join the Startup stage to hear more about indo! Haukur has almost 20 years experience in the banking industry, having worked in retail banking, investment banking and assets management, as well as risk management. Having seen that changes in the banking industry were unlikely to come from within the industry, he and his co-founder Tryggvi Björn decided to use their experience to create a bank that lived up to what they think a bank should be and should do. After 4 years hard work, and having been joined by an amazing team of geniuses, indó is now up and running and ready to show everyone that banking can be fair, transparent and fun.


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